How The Midstream Program Works

The DTE Midstream Food Service program — offered through the Energy Efficiency Program for Business — makes energy-efficient kitchen equipment more affordable to DTE commercial, institutional and industrial customers by offering point-of-sale discounts on eligible equipment. Effective June 1, even more energy-efficient equipment has been added to our list of qualified products. To see our new complete list, click on the DTE Customers link above.

The discounts are part of the Energy Efficiency Program for Business, which offers incentives to help drive energy savings for commercial, institutional and industrial customers. Under the Midstream Food Service program, the incentives are provided through reduced purchase prices from participating food service equipment distributors at the time of sale.

Look for stickers (below) identifying qualifying products. The tables on this page list the most current incentive levels. For an up-to-date list of participating dealers, click on FIND A DEALER above.

Look for this sticker
on eligible equipment

The "Current Dealers" page contains news and information for participating dealers/distributors in the DTE Midstream Food Service Program. Clicking the link will open a login window requiring a username and password. If you're a new dealer/distributor please contact our office for your login and password.